Having Latest Machinery to Give Best Rice Products


We, SKRM FOODS INDIA PVT. LTD., offer Aromatic Basmati rice, which is considered pure and fine on the market. Our non-sticky Basmati Rice Indian delivers a fantastic taste and good health, as it is simple and fast to digest. Precise humidity guarantees ideal fluffiness after cooking. And our Rice is just unsurpassed when it comes to aroma. Long grain and long scent are greatly liked. It can therefore be used to prepare various cuisines. No chemicals were employed as we have zero chemicals tolerance. Each rice variety represents our ability to provide clients with a high-quality product. Different styles of packaging are used to lock the product's fragrance. Nature Rice acknowledges the state-of-the-art plants with advanced facilities for rice packaging, milling, and processing packaging that ensure the transition from paddy to fully packaged rice undisturbed by human hands to get the most popular rice varieties. The latest machinery is imported from famous manufacturers worldwide. In addition, milling and Sortex Plants are fully equipped with high technology equipment for a parboiling process that employs RO water to keep rice's natural aroma and flavor to the highest possible extent that enables customers to process and serve the requested rice quality.

Rice plant machinery can be identified as

  • Milling and Sortex Plant of Buhler

  • Packaging and Auto Sealing machines

  • Rice Pre-Cleaning System of Fowler Westrup and Schmidt-Seegar, Germany

  • Sortex Plant of SATAKE